Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rakugo in English!!

We will hold event of Rakugo in English, coming April. We will have rakugo performer Sayohime, she will demonstrate what is Rakugo and have workshop after her performance. Rakugo is a 400 year-old form of comedic Japanese storytelling that is still popular today. The story teller kneels on a Japanese cushion to tell a funny story written in dialogue format and uses two props ; a fan and Japanese cotton towel which can become many things such as wallets, or chopsticks. It had become the custom to include a "punch line" at the end of the story for added effect. Sayohime profile: When I was student, I devoted myself to performing musicals. I have performed Rakugo in English not only in Japanese but also in forein countries. (NY in 2005 NZ in 2006 SF 2007)since 2002. I watn to perform in smaller spaces where I can have a closer connection with my audience. I look forward to sharing the joy of Rakugo with you!
Website: http://www.ac.auone-net.jp/~sayohime/

* Date- April 1st, 8th and 16th *Time- 19:00-19:50 *Charge- FREE *Program- Introduction to Rakugo Sayohime’s performance Workshop *Place- NISHIYAMA RYOKAN Kyoto Nakagyo-ku, Gokomachi, Nijosagaru, Yamamoto-cho 075-222-1166 http://www.ryokan-kyoto.com/ 3mins walk from Subway Tozai Line, 'Kyoto shiyakusho-mae Stn' Zest-Oike Exit #10 3mins walk from 'Kyoto shiyakusyo-mae bus stop' Kyoto city bus #4, 205,17 from Kyoto Stn.