Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Japanese breakfast

Have you every tried Japanese style of Breakfast?

I eat oriental breakfast at my home everyday. I think almost japanese family do not eat japanese breakfast .

But it is common to have japanese breakfast when tourist come to visit Ryokan.

we serve boiled TOFU , grilled fish , salad , japanese omlet ,rice and miso sourp etc....

This is quite big breakfast .

I do not know why but almost guests can eat everythings.

I used to live in Australia and England . I really enjoy English breakfast in england and my favorite Australian cerial Nutri Grain in australia !!!!

If you have any chance to stay Ryokan please try japanese breakfast for experience.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kyoto weather

Hello! Kyoto is still very hot everyday.

During the summer season all our guests says that Kyoto weather is crazy.

i think so .....

I born here and grow up here but I still can not accustom myself to hot weather in Kyoto.

But During Autumn season kyoto is very very beautiful .

I think Autumn is the best season to visit in kyoto.

So you should hurry to book the air plane ticket for comming to kyoto for Autumn!!!!!