Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tea Ceremony in JULY


Kyoto is in Tsuyu(raining season) now.
It's raining almost everyday and very humid...
It should be finished by the end of June and July should be the start of summer!

We are having Tea Ceremony in following dates at the lobby of NISHIYAMA RYOKAN.
It is for free so please join us!

The Japanese tea ceremony is one of the quintessential expressions of Japanese esthetics. It is a comprehensive art encompassing not just the serving and drinking of tea, but the protocol of tea preparation, tea implements, the decoration of the tea room with objects of beauty, and more.
The tea ceremony is a discipline for sharing time with one’s guest and fostering communication with one’s own soul.

*Charge Free charge  
*Date 13th, 24th and 30th of JULY    
*Time   19:00~20:00

(Address) Kyoto Nakagyou-ku Gokoumachi Nijosagaru yamamoto-cho
京都市中京区御幸町二条下ル山本町     (Tel) 075-222-1166
The date for AUGUST is not ready, when the date is decided we will update this blog! ^^

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gion Festival

Coming July, The Gion Matsuri (Festival) will be held in centre of Kyoto.

There will be a portable shrine called "Yama Hoko" will be displayed in the streets of central area. These will parade around the city in JULY 17th.

Couple days before that, the streets will be blocked and have lots of street shops.

During this season many many people come and see this festival.

Our booking is getting full as well so be quick for the reservation!!