Saturday, May 30, 2009

Today's Best Shot

Look at this flower arangement.

I am impressed and I just want to show it every one.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Job experience!


My name is Ayu Okumura.

My name is Madoka Shimizu.

We are junior high school students.

We are cleanning now,but we enjoy very much!!

Please come to NISHIYAMA-RYOKAN !!

Thank you for your hard work!

As you read, these two girls have been working at our hotel for 5 days,
in order to experience real job in Kyoto, which is a part of school project.

Unfortunately, there are not much things to do because of influenza...
Our hotel are closed and they clean up all the places.

They still have 2 more days to work. I hope they will learn about working!
And I hope that this influenza problem will be ok soon!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Four-Leave Clover Taxi

I will tell you a trivia about Kyoto.
There are several taxi companies in Kyoto.

If you find clover taxi,
Iwould like you to look at its leave.

There are four-leave clover taxis and if you find one,
it brings good luck to you!
But they are only 4 of 1400 taxis
and the parcentage is just 0,28%...

I found one lately:)

I hope you can come accross 1 of 4!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kyoto City Hall

It is very nice to walk around NISHIYAMA RYOKAN.

Along the Teramachi street Oike Agaru, next to Nishiyama Ryokan, there are some small shops which are hand crafts made by bamboo, paper, and furnitures...

After 5 minutes walk, you will find the Kyoto city hall.

Here, at the square in front of city hall, I found interesting "gifts", given from other foreign sister city to Kyoto city.

Kyoto has seven sister cities around the world.

Paris (France): The Name Plate " Place de Kyoto" which is also located in Paris!

Boston and Paris: The Gaslights

Cologne (Germany): The Mosaic. The original was found in 1844 and preserved in the museum as the most important thing in Cologne.

Kiev (Ukraine): The Friendship Monument.

Firenze ( Italy) : The Statue of Puccino ( replica), made by Andrea Bellocchio. 15 c.

I think most of the people do not realize about these,
but i thought this is nice to see.

It is interesting and you can feel like being in another country!
Let's walk in Kyoto and find new things.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wall Panel

If you have any chance to visit us, we would like you to focus your attention on the wall panel in a room.

We have about 25 rooms and its design is all defferent. They are colorful and artistic and look modern Japanese design but actually their original design were drown around over 100 years ago in Nishijin, Kyoto.

Nishijin is the place where traditional textiles are manufactured. The textile manufacutured in Nishijin is called Nishijin-ori (textiles of Nishijin) and its high quality is very famous.

The design of wall panel was originally created long time ago, then it was updated and reborn to suit today by the designer living in Kyoto. It is still made much of traditional patterns.

He discovered the design books and frangment of kimono in a family warehous. According to his brand website, "at the moment when he found them, he was fascinated by bold designs and colors, as well as modernist patterns that appeared like mysterious geometric patterns."

Since then, he founded a new brand "seisuke88" in Kyoto. They produce clothes, bags, furniture and accessorries with using these designs.

I want to tell you that you should find your faborite but I'm afraid that there is only one panel per one room, so please check out the store!

There are 2 stores in Kyoto.

Seisuke 88