Monday, March 17, 2008

Tea ceremony in March

Almost our guests are come from another countries .

we wish all our guests enjoy their stay and hope to learn some japanese culture.

we had Tea ceremony at our Lobby.

there are many guests could join and they could enjoy tea ceremony.

I talk to the teacher and she study english by herself and worried about her english but she explain about tea ceremony for one hour in english and her english is great!

Nex tea ceremony is 22nd of March.

Monday, March 10, 2008

SAKURA (cherry blossom)

Last weekend Kyoto is getting warm .
On Sunday I went for shop at North shopping area in Kyoto.
There are a lot of people walking alongside of the Kamo river.

I love this weather ! Kyoto summer is too hot and winter is very cold so Spring is very beautiful and SAKURA also start to bloom.

I think Kyoto best season is SAKURA season pink sakura is very beautiful and makes us happy .

We found one SAKURA tree near our hotel.
this sakura is special sort of sakura so it is very early to bloom .
but very beautiful and make us feel spring is coming soon !

now we can not see beautiful sakura trees everywhere but maybe from end of march we can see sakura trees everywhere and Kyoto become pink coulor !

This is very very beautiful.
but sakura is early to gone so Don't miss beautiful sakura Kyoto !