Friday, May 27, 2011

The challenge experience


We are students from Shugakuin Junior High School.

My name is Tanaka yu and Tomiyasu kouta.
We are here for the challenge experience program of our school.

Us students go and experience many different kind of work in Kyoto city.

We are helping NISHIYAMA RYOKAN from last week Wednesday until next Tuesday.

Cleaning guest room is very hard.
But we are enjoying work at NISHIYAMA RYOKAN !!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Azaleas viewing

The days are getting longer,yet it is a little bit cold for spring.

I went to a park near from my house on my day off.

The park is well known for its blooming azaleas in May.

This flower smells sweet.

It is said that azaleas are used to make some kinds of food.

The rainy season is coming soon.

I will take a picture of hydrangea next month.

Monday, May 2, 2011

An old factory tour

I had a good opportunity to see around an old factory in Mibu area in Kyoto.
Mibu was famous for the textile dyeing industry in the past.
But it became a residential area and nowadays only few factories are in operation.

I visited one of them. The building was established the 1800s but it looked not older than I imagined.

The owner said that it used to be a police station.

The 2nd floor was their office.

I could feel the history when I saw this steep stairs.

They still make products by hand.

It surely takes long time but it has their own particular character.

Look at the roofing tile below. It looks like fish's scales.

It was so hard to tile a roof like this at that time.

Only three buildings have this roof in Kyoto.

Amazing, is it?