Sunday, December 23, 2007

EKIDEN ( long distance relay road race)

We are fully booked by high school students for national election of Ekiden for a week.
there are 3 school students stayed with us one is NASUTAKUYO high school come from Tochigi ,OOITANISHI high school from Oita and ISAHAYA high school from Nagasaki.
they come to Kyoto for practice and try to run the route for a week.
They control their meal for their weight.
I went to watch the race. This is my first time to go to watch the race.
It was so excitting and I was in tough because I know they practice hard everyday and run a lot everyday.

The Nasutakuyo high school took 7th place!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Travel to another city

I went to small trip to FUKUI prefecture last weekend.

for Fukui I leave Kyoto at 11am I arrive there about 2pm by car.

I have never been there before this is my first time.
I live in kyoto city so I do not have so many chance to watch sea so I really enjoy driving the sea front .

Fukui is very famous for sea food and hot spring. The weather is very cold when I was there so hot spring was really nice to keep me warm after the hot spring I had seafood.
on the way hope I still feel warm because of the hot spring .

I could really enjoy and relax on this small trip.
From Kyoto station to Fukui station is 1hour and half by Shinkansen.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas in Kyoto

Autumn is almost finished and
all red leaves are gone and winter is Coming in Kyoto now .

We have one big christmas tree at kyoto station.
when you arrive at kyoto station please go to see them its very beautiful.
There are many Night time illuminations for Christmas in kyoto now.
I wanna go to visit the light up at the Botanical garden . When Christmas is coming I feel really excitting and feel very happy even I can not get any present from my parents like when I was small.
Tomorrow I gonna go to travel for FUKUI to eat sea food and for hot spring.
If I can take some photos at Fukui I will post here.
have a nice weekend!!!!

This photo is kyoto station christmas tree , Illuminations at ROME companey and charch at front of our hotel.