Friday, November 23, 2007

Temples in Kyoto

do you know how many temples in kyoto?
I did not know that but there are so many temples in kyoto in everywhere.
there are about 2000temples in Kyoto include small one.
i do not how many temples i have ever been but I start to interest to visit temples in kyoto because when I working here many guests ask me about the temples and I can not explain to our guest because I have never been there .....

I went to the ohara sanzenin yesterday.
I only knew the name and I was not sure where is that but there are very far from down town
i could not believe there are still in kyoto city the wether is much cool than down town and the view is looks like very countryside but very beautiful.

and the temples garden is really nice and big so I really enjoy being there and looking the garden makes me relax.

there are bus from down town to the temple .
I think you will enjoy there.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Temple light up

Every autumn when the Ancient Capital of kyoto is ablaze with the bright reds of the maple leaves( kouyou )at their finest,a number of temples artistically light up their beautiful gardens . To see the maple leaves in a night time setting is indeed a wonderful sight.
I go to the temple light up at KIYOMIZU temple every year.
The Temple is one of my favorite temple when I visit there I can feel real Kyoto.
if you have any chance visit kyoto during middle of Nnovember to middle of december please check the temple light up!!