Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yukata, now on sale!


How are you doing?

Have you seen girls walking around in Yukata in Kyoto city?
Usually, people wear Yukata (one-layer-Kimono for summer season)
on a special occasion like Matsuri (festivals).
But for some reason, it's not so unusual to see
thses girls wearing Yukata as everyday clothes here in Kyoto.
Maybe that's because the traditional part of the city is still
preserved in this modern day.

Well, speaking of Yukata...
Our Yukata collection at Nishiyama Ryokan is now on sale
for both of men and women!

Isn't this pretty!?
How about strolling around the city in Yukata?
Also Yukata would be a wonderful gift for your family and friends^^
Come see our collection at Nishiyama Ryokan!!!