Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tea Ceremony and New Year Calligraphy

Its already December and getting towards the end of 2009 and the New Year 2010.

We hold these events at our Lobby.

"Tea Ceremony"
2009 Dec 4th(Fri), 11th(Fri), 25th(Fri)
2010 Jan 8th(Fri), 22nd(Fri), 29th(Fri)
Event time: 19:00~20:00

Japanese style Tea Ceremony held with English narration.
You can make your own tea in the ceremony.

"New Year Calligraphy"
2010 January 3rd(Sun)
Starting Time:9:00am~

Also called KAKIZOME in Japanese.

Firstly performance by professional Caligrapher, and then you will
experience how to write Japanese Caligraphy.
This is whats it looks like last year.

Both events are always enjoyed by many guests staying at our Ryokan.
It is for Free so when you stay above dates at our Ryokan, please come along.