Thursday, October 25, 2007

MAIKO( Geisha)

Last week we had a big group of guests come to stay with us.

and they had dinner at our hall.

they requested the Maiko during they are having dinner .

We do not have so many chance to see real Geisha even we live here long time.

So I was so excited could see them and talk to them.

about 19:00 One Maiko come to our hotel.

and she talked to me beore the show start. she told me she is only 16years old.

she was really beautiful but when I talk to her I could know she is 16years old girl.

She speaks really beautiful Kyoto Japanese and her KIMONO is very beautiful.

When she start to dance front of many guests I felt she is not looks like 16years old.

Nowadays there are not many girls would like to be Maiko because their life is very strict. they stat to come to Kyoto when they are about 15years old .

they start to live with many Geisha in teachers home with many another geisha.

but they said about half new geisha give up and go home before to be Geisha.

it is very difficult to be Geisha.

when you come to kyoto if you can see real Maiko or Geisha you are very lucky but I think almost tourist attraction has many fake Maiko.

they are very different from real one.

please try to find real one during your stay in Kyoto!!!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Concert at our Lobby

Sometimes on Friday nights at our Hotel Lobby we have japanese traditional music concert.

In August we had a shakuhachi concert. the player is American man .

Shakuhachi is very difficult to play even Japanese but his sound is very beautiful and all guests enjoy his music.

October and November we have Koto and Shamisen Concert.

The player play music in Kimono.

The charge is free and everyone can come and join the concert.

The concert is not every friday night so please ask at the recetion.

we hope many people enjoy japanese traditional music in Japan.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Kaiseki Dinner

we serve Kaiseki dinner at our hotel.

Kyoto kaiseki blended with imperial court and shojin cuisines to become.

It is unlike the series of courses in western cooking,there is no main dish.Instead each small course is artfully arranged on tablewave chosen according to the season.

Present menus are basic to dining at inns, leaving virtually no room for personal choice.

In general,dinner will feature Japanese dishes based on local specialties or seasonal taste treats.

This is a good opportunity for guests to savor a full course Japanese traditional dinner.

There are about 6~8 dishes with rice,soup and dessert.

Such as appetizer,small hot pot, sashimi (style of raw fish) assorted delicacies of various ingredients etc.......we hope you will enjoy real japanese dinner at our Ryokan.

this pic is for 2 people dinner and this menu will be changed.