Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kiyomizudera-temple light-up

I went to Kiyomizudera-temple light-up last thursday.
During light-up is held usually the temple gets crowded and especially on weekends.
However when I went, it was during the week and also was raining until the sun-set so
no many people were there.

I caught the bus from Kawaramachi Marutamachi stop, which is the closest stop to get to Kiyomizu temple from our ryokan.
Take #202 from the Kawaramachi Marutamachi stop and get off at the Kiyomizumichi stop.
It took about 20mins, but during the tourist season it might take more.
From the stop, have to walk up the hill for about 10mins. There are many shops towards the Kiyomizu temple, you might find something interesting there.

The leaves are slightly dump after the rain so when its lit up it sparkles very beautifully.
Also the full moon were showing between the clouds and it adds the beauty to the whole atomosphere.

It took about 50mins to walk through the whole temple.

I went there with my friend and we took a walk towards Gion area through stone laid walkway.
This area still has traditional walkway and it is one of the main attraction for tourists.

I reccomend to take a walk from Kiyomizu to Gion area after going to Kiyomizu temple.

Unfortunatelly, Kiyomizu temple's light-up finished already but the Shorenin still hold the light up until December 14th.

I am going there soon as well ^^